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Hey everyone! My name’s Rye and I’m a Canadian streamer who’s all about chill comfy vibes. I really enjoy playing casual RPG games so I can easily chat with you guys!

You can find me streaming most evenings, or you can pop into my Discord to say hello!

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Tap the icons below to join my Discord, follow my Twitter, and watch me live on Twitch!

Fill me up on Stream 😉

Instead of a donation, you can choose to send me food while I’m streaming! I’ll take a quick break, eat, and talk with the community before getting back into the game!

You can also send me food off stream … <3

Send a Donation <3

Donations to the channel are completely voluntary and not required by any means, but I greatly appreciate it!

All donations go back into the stream, either by going towards equipment (lighting, new webcam, etc.) or towards new games to play on stream!!

late night cozy streamer ☾ here for the vibes and the vibes only ♡

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